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Written Norris K. Wilson on 29 Jul 2014



SyndicateBets provides soccer betting tips. They offer 4 types of tips. Two of the most popular ones are: the Asian Handicap tip, which is $899/tip and the Fixed Odd Bet Tip, which is $1099/tip. The Pro Services include premium offers, the Correct Score Tip at $9000 and Fix a Match, at $2700.

The website doesn't provide much information about the company which manages the website, nor does it say when it was launched. We also didn't see information on how they gather the information for each game. Plus, there aren't any client reviews on the website.

However, SyndicateBets is verified by the VerifiedBets network and you can check their track records on the Result page. In the 2 first weeks of May 2014 they had a few losses and after that, the whole month of May is only wines. On this same page, we can see that the most popular soccer tips are the Asian Handicap Tip and the Fixed Odd Bet Tip, with 3 or 4 instances of Correct Score Tip, but none of the Fix a Match.


SyndicateBets is one of the companies who isn't afraid to show who its clients are. These companies have purchased information from SyndicateBets, they assigned match fixing to them, bets management or odds management. They can only display the logo of the companies for protection measures, but this is enough to see how many companies they've handled before. They also provide services for independent punters, but they cannot disclose any of their names for privacy matters as well.

Navigation and Ease of Use

Design & Layout

SyndicateBets uses a highly futuristic approach in the website design theme. The website is easy to navigate and any user can go through it with no problems.

The website conveys its meaning at a blink of an eye.


SyndicateBets did a really good job in dividing their services into the most popular ones, which are more affordable for the individual punter, and the pro services, which are dedicated for the professional punters, we assume.

The most popular services, as stated in the beginning, are the Asian Handicap Tip, at $899/tip with an average odds of 1.90 and the other one is the Fixed Odd Bet Tip at $1099/tip with an average odds of 2.30. Both options offer a double replacement policy for losing tips and they give one daily tip per match.

Now, turning to the Pro Services, SyndicateBets offers the Correct Score Tip at $9000/tip and only 10 buyers are allowed to purchase it. Once you purchase it, you receive 1 correct score tip from 1 to 2 selections, with an average odds of 18 at least, free advice on how to bet on the Asian Handicap and a guaranteed policy, replacement tips will be given until you win.

And the most expensive soccer tip on syndicateBets the Fix a match, at $27000/game. For this type of tip you have to buy it with 7 days in advance and only soccer games in Greece, Turkey, Belgium, Scotland, France and Portugal are in this section. You'll have to pay 80% with 7 days in advanced and the remaining money after the game ended, the information on placing the bid will be provided 24 hours before the game, so you have 24 hours before the game to place your bid. Also, it will only be sold to 10 other buyers. Thus, for the Pro Services seats are limited.

Applications & Benefits

  • Consistent handicapping, with more wins than losses

  • Accurate information on the winning team

  • Daily Asian Handicap tip advice

  • Management of your betting account

  • Match fixing on request

  • Managing bankroll betting for you

  • Advice on betting combinations

  • Verified by the VerifiedBets network



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