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Written Norris K. Wilson on 28 Jul 2014


TipsterConnect is one of those websites that makes it very clear from the home page what they do, how they do it and what you get from their website. There are fewer pages than other similar websites, Home, Subscribe, Records, Contact, but if you ask us, these are the essential for a tipster website.

TipsterConnect provides soccer tips gathered from only the top 3 tipsters with the most accurate results. Relying only on 3 tipsters can have its shortage, but in this situation if you check their track records, which you can access from the Home page at the bottom or directly on the „Records” page, they're quite consistent in their Asian handicap predictions.

Let's take the month of May 2014 up to now. There were 22 days from which 2 draws, 3 losses, a ½ and the rest were winnings.

Navigation and Ease of Use

Design & Layout

Once arrived on the Home page all the other pages are included here, on the left the Contact us page and the Records, in the right side the Payment options and the page of TipsterConnect on VerifiedBets and below these you see the About description.

There's no specific About us page on the website, but that isn't too much a deal, as the Home page displays who they are and what they do.


Reader Usability
The social links on the website don't work, which isn't a good thing. They should fix that soon or eliminate them altogether as a punter looking for football predictions won't look for them on social networks for sure.

The prediction pack image on the right of the home page could use a different color background to blend better with the whole page.

The most important information is obviously placed at the beginning of each page, and by placing the Contact us form on the left side of the Home page under „"We don't lay money just for the "action", we lay out money to make more money. We are not afraid to invest when we find plenty of value, and we are not afraid to pass, when betting value is limited " makes them look reliable and customer orientated services.

All pages load fast, as there isn't too much content on each to make them load slow. Basically, the design is clean an very easy to use even by a non-technical person.

About us page

They are a firm of sports betting investors, who make a living out of their earnings. They started offering public betting services in 2012. Their team of handicappers includes expert staticians, professional gamblers, former bookmakers and former stock brokers. This is a pretty well balanced team from our point of view.

However, you have to be aware they'll never disclose their names, so there's no 100% method to verify their identity. They only mention that TipsterConnect is managed by theHaward Sports Handicappers Firms.


Their VerifiedBets profile shows a total of 434 verified tips with 312 wins, 82 loses and 38 draws. Their average odd is 1.91. Their performance graph, on the same network, shows a quite balanced performance, but January and February 2014 were two bads month with around -33 profit. March and April shows a high increase to a 178, and 236 profit. It seems they're back on track and we do hope those two months aren't going to repeat soon.

We have to assume that their most popular service is the „Prediction pack” that offers 10 tips for $890. You can see this right on the Home page.

If you want more options, go to the „Subscribe” page where you can also pick the „Long Term Package Features” which gives you 3 months tips at the price of $2000.

You can choose to pay with Paypal or Moneybookers. If you click on one of the options the PayHedge Online Payment page opens and here you can also pay with local bank transfer or credit card. So, they do cover all major payment methods.

If none of these pack options satisfy you, there's also a personalized payment option. You can access this by contacting them and find more about payment channel.

Applications & Benefits

  • Two payment options, plus a personalized option

  • Consistent handicapping, more wines than losings

  • The records table is easy to use

  • They provide Asian handicap tips

  • The odds, stake and profits are all in the same table

  • The odds are presented in universal method, 0, +0.5, -0.5



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