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Written By Laura (Soccersreview editor) on 24 May 2014 is a website dedicated to provide soccer betting tips. The website is managed by a company in Macau and it was launched in 2011. The company states that it currently has 30 people as inside source who are specialized in all different Sportsbook in the world. The information is updated on a daily basis. BookmakerInside is an exclusive members-only website and this is made clear from the first landing on the website.

Design & Layout

BookmakerInside has a clean design with a contrast of yellow, black and white and regular shapes. The color contrast is kept in every piece of the website, whether it is an image or a text.

Home page

On landing on BookmakerInside Home page you can clearly see what the site is about and what the company does, providing soccer tips. Showing the logo not only does it communicates purpose at-a-glance, but it also makes a connection between the website's activity and what the user is expected to do on this website.

About us page

Even if there's no About us at the top bar along with the Home and Services, the About us page is a section of the Home page. There's a full description of who is in charge of the website, how they gather the tips, but there's no name of the company, only its location is mentioned, Macau.

The Services provided are stated on the Home page briefly and they're detailed on the Services page. BookmakerInside is very straight forward in letting you know how much each service is and what you get on each service. Their fees go from $900 to $10000.


The main site navigation is at the fingertips of every user and it is consistent across the site. Every page uses the same background colors and the main picture and logo of the website are displayed on each page. Also, there's the same motto on each page which provides a high user experience. The arrangement on the page is logical and the text is divided into two columns. People are unlikely to get lost in the website.
The content on the website is generally of good quality and the use of content on the website is very good, with a clean and easy to read body font. The headings are visibly larger than the body text and they use the same color contrast yellow, black and white.


The BookmakerInside website makes it clear from the first landing on the website that this is a member-only website. You can get the information about soccer tips only if you are a member of the website.
Their services are found on a separate page called "Services" and they range from $900 to $10000 and more in between. Once you click on the Buy button you're redirected to a PayHedge Online Payment. You can pay through Paypal, Moneybookers, local bank transfer or credit card. They mention that "All services come with 100% winning guaranteed with replacement" If you want to know more about this, you can contact them on the "Contacts" page and get more information.

Applications & Benefits

  • The website obviously appeals to a non-technical person, as well
  • You get daily information about soccer tips
  • The company is located in Macau, center of Asia's soccer betting industry
  • A 24 hour customer support
  • They joined a monitoring service to verify their credibility
  • 30 inside people specialized in all major Sportsbook

This Website Is For You If:

This Website Isn’t For You If:

  • you’re not willing to become a member
  • you don’t know what a records table is
  • you don’t want daily soccer tips

Bottom line!

Design & Layout

  • Clean design
  • Contrast of yellow, black and white
  • Logo displayed

About us page

  • Section of the Home page

Reader Usability

  • Easy to navigate
  • High user experience
  • Logical arrangement


  • Members only
  • $900 to $10000 fee
  • PayHegde Online Payment

Customer Support

  • a 24 hour customer support

Applications & Benefits

  • appealing design
  • daily information
  • the company is located in Macau
  • they joined a monitoring service
  • 30 inside people


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