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Written By Laura (Soccersreview editor) on 27 May 2014

The first time one lands on the BetsIntel page you’re welcomed by a big soccer ball and strong, yet pleasant colors. The message of the website is very clear – „BetsIntel - #1 soccer betting tipster based on soccer punter.” The BetsIntel website is for people who treat soccer betting as investment and not as gambling.

The information they provide is collected from different sources and it deals with injuries, suspensions, roster changes, club problems and more. Also, they only provide soccer tips. They have a team of 4 betting experts from Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China. Their headquarters is in Singapore. The company was launched in August 2013 and they soon started their first website BetsIntel to reach a worldwide audience of soccer punters.

They affirm to show about 5-8 winning tips a week and their record table shows they do provide a consistent handicapping, with far more wines than losings. Also, on the Home page, which is also an About page they state that every single tip credit is a winner. If this isn’t true, they won’t deduct any credit from your account. The tip credit will only be deducted for each winnings you receive from BetsIntel.

Starting 2014, they joined the VerifiedBets network to become a verified tipster website. Their record table is standardized under the VerifiedBets network and they share the same betting system as other highly regarded soccer tipster websites. BetsIntel doesn’t encourage gambling, they provide accurate soccer tips for people who consider soccer betting as a disciplined investment. Their winning method is consistent and assure a long-term basis collaboration between their users and the tips they provide. BetsIntel is not for gamblers, and they highly suggest you don’t recommend this website to anyone who want to use soccer tips as a gambling model.

Design & Layout

The design of the website is highly appealing to the user. With an extreme efficiency in loading pages and providing the necessary information for a punter. There are only 5 pages on the BetsIntel website. Enough to make an informed decision of whether to use their football predictions or not. The most important information, about who they are and what they do, is placed right on the Home page on the right side of the design in a medium font size with a white color to differentiate between the background and the text. They use colors quite well to contrast between the various information provided. The Betsintel name always uses the color yellow, whereas the rest of the text uses white and sometimes orange to emphasize a sentence or two.

Reader Usability

BetsIntel is one of the easiest websites to move around. The clean and easy design with large font size in a one column arrangement provides an intelligent use of technology. The website conveys its meaning instantly and uses forms to delimit between various ideas.


There are 3 packages the user can choose from. From $2000 to $3000 and the most expensive one $12000. Each package is explained in detail on the Services page. They have a guaranteed payment system with 4 replacements for the first two packages and no mention of the last one, which it can only mean there’s no limit for the replacement on the Platinum service. All 3 packages include 100% monitored records. There’s also an odds percentage for each of the packages and their statistics are provided on the Records page in a logical order and they are verified by the VerifiedBets network.


Applications & Benefits

  • Monitored by the VerifiedBets network
  • A bitg team of betting experts
  • Consisteng handicapping, more wines than losings
  • 100% genuine tracked records
  • Sure win policy replacement
  • Free bankroll management

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