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Written By Laura (Soccersreview editor) on 27 May 2014

Goalshandicapper is a website that provides both Asian Handicap and Correct Score football predictions. Both tips are based on Match Fixing games. They are connected with all major Match Fixing Syndicates all around the world, from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Germany and United Kingdom.

On the About page they also give a full explanation on why they make the tips exclusively. The Asian handicap tip is more accessible to the large masses, whereas the Correct Score tip is more sensitive, and they only allow for a limited number of members to purchase that. There are no trial or free tips for the Correct Score tip.

Very few other tipster websites tell you to be careful on how you manage your bankroll, and to take this seriously and not as a gambling method. They teach you how to divide your betting tip, by diving it into 5 parts, and then place only one part while your betting bankroll increases.

Goalshandicapper warns you not to go for the Correct Score tip, if your betting bankroll is too small, take it slow by placing Asian handicap tips and once your bankroll grows go to the Correct Score tip. Most tipster websites want you to make the purchase without giving you any head's up about your current financial situation. Still, Goalshandicapper is one of those who take care of their members by not pushing them to the limit.

Their policy is also very clear. They don't provide trial or free tips and they do say that none of those questions will be answered. However, if you have genuine questions about the service they provide, you can send an email to or use the contact form from the website.

This makes us believe they're the real deal and they take much pride in their customer support service.

Design & Layout

Goalshandicapper looks more as a newsletter than a soccer tipster website. This is a good thing, most of all, for every person who is tired of seeing the same simple, plain website design for the soccer tips industry.
The videos from the right work smooth and once you click on one of them, they open in the same window keeping the website as background. All the videos give information about Match Fixing games.

Reader Usability

The user can navigate through the website easily and get to the desired page with just one click. The pages are divided logically and they represent the major point of interest for a punter. The Services and Performance pages have a clean design and there’s nothing to interfere with the understanding of the process.
In the footer section you have all the links to the pages with a short detailed explanation of what you find in each of them. „Services” obviously refers to the „Services Package” and „Contact us” to „Drop us a message”. The overall view of the website is good with a good usability in the design.
The website is ads free. It conveys the message of the website instantly and the user can go through the pages fast. Also, GoalsHandicapper is controlled by VerifiedBets which attests its credibility on the soccer tips world.

About us page

One of the most important pages, if not the most important one, the „About us” page details who they are and what they do. GoalsHandicapper is very straight forward in their approach as they state they don’t give free or trial tips.


The financial aspect is on the Services page where there are two types of soccer tips opportunities. You can bid for the Asian Handicap Match Fixing Tip which is $500 or the Correct Score Match Fixing Tip which is $5000. They are both detailed on this page and the user knows exactly what he gets. Be aware that they only provide 3 Correct Score tips a week.

Applications & Benefits

  • Easy to navigate
  • Fast loading pages
  • Two types of soccer tips, Asian Handicap Match Fixing Tip and the Correct Score Match Fixing Tip
  • PayHedge Online Verified Payment
  • A full description of their statistics
  • Consistent handicapping, more wines than losing

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