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Written David Weigall on 05 Aug 2014


LadBets is a soccer tipster company with a proven record since 2002 and a hitting rate over 70%. The company who launched LadBets has about 18 years of experience in the soccer betting industry and it is based in Asia. The company says to have an extensive international network made by soccer insiders who provide them match analysis and tips from everywhere. All the information is based on various factors, such as statistical analysis, situational trends, team information, relations with the insiders and psychological factors.

LadBets has become a worldwide service thanks to its winning tips, easy to use website and their customer service. Whether you want to bid on the major Leagues in Europe or Asia, LadBets provides soccer tips for all the important games in the world.

The website is also visually appealing to the user, with the game court as the main picture and the contrast of yellow, gray and green.

Navigation and Ease of Use

Design & Layout

LadBets is one of the easiest websites to navigate. If you look for soccer tips you simply go to the Soccer tips page and you choose the most profitable package for you. If you want to verify their credibility you go to the Track Records page and you get the record table established according to the VerifiedBets network.

Reader Usability

The website doesn't require any additional plug-in or software to use. There are no ads which makes it clean and professional. The website doesn't provide free information or tips and you can only try their services by taking one of their packages.

The content on the website is relevant to the purpose of the website. LadBets tells you exactly what they do and where they gather their information for the soccer tips and how they give it to you.

One of the few websites that have a FAQ on their Contact page. Even if there are only 3 questions, the main points are touched. For example, the tips will be sent directly to you once the payment is made, if it's a losing tip, for the Asian Handicap tip you get 1 replacement tip and for the Correct Score tip you get 2 replacement tips. They accept all methods of payment.


LadBets has 3 types of soccer tips: the Fixed Odds Betting tips with a hitting rate above 75% and an average odds of 2.30 with 2 replacement tips for losing tips; the Correct Score Forecast with a hitting rate of 95% and the average rate is 5.0, you get 2 placement tips for losing tips; and the last one, which is also the most common, the Asian Handicap tips with a hitting rate above 70% and the average odds of 1.80, with 1 replacement tip for losing tip.

The payment ranges from $180 for Asian Handicap tips, $300 for the Fixed Odds betting tips and $3000 for the Correct Score Forecast tip.

LadBets accepts all major payment methods. They are registered under the PayHedge Online Payment system and they accept Paypal, credit card and local bank transfer.

Applications & Benefits

  • 3 different types of soccer tips, the Fixed Odds betting, the Asian Handicap and the Correct Score Forecast

  • Replacements for losing tips

  • Reliable customer service

  • Easy to navigate website

  • Verified by the VerifiedBets network

  • Standardized record table

  • Consistent handicapping, more wins than losses

  • Payment guaranteed through a PayHedge Online Payment network

  • Fast loading pages


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