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Written David Weigall on 05 Aug 2014


OracleTipster provides soccer tips gathered from their own on ground men who cover major European and other lesser known leagues. The website is very effective in providing its purpose from the very first visit to the website. And they are also enrolled under the network. OracleTipster is a subscribe only website, and each member has to pay to get betting leads.

Navigation and Ease of Use

Design & Layout

On the Home page your eyes are drawn more to the left side, where a big, spheric ball is. However, we think that the designer intended the user to look that way as it makes a mental connection between the soccer world and tipsters. As a punter, you don't need a complicated web design, in our opinion, the simple, the best. And OracleTipster has a clean and easy to use layout.

The description line „We provide profitable soccer tips unbeatable betting strategy” is used on every page of the website and it offers a high user experience. They appeal directly to users who want to make more money by stating „profitable and unbeatable”.

The repetition here is used in appropriate amounts of times to give a sense of unity and movement. As your eyes go through the design, everything is in place with the purpose of the website, the grass, the ball and the players.

The most important information is placed right on the Home page in the blue box where they state they're „Honest and Reliable” which makes you read more and see if that's true.

The visual dominance is made of the short line that describe their services and the grass that appear at the top and bottom of each page. We think that the grass color could be more fade, so the user can see the Home, About, Subscribe and Contact sections clearer. Also, even if the ball image links soccer tipsters to football it seems out of the context and it is too dominant, distracting us from the rest of the design.

The headings are distinctive and they use a larger font which differentiates them from the body text. The design is consistent on each page, there are no intruders and there's a good balance between white space and content.

The hyperlinks work fine and this is an ads free website which makes it distractions free. OracleTipster doesn't require any additional plug-in or software in order to use it.

The FAQ section of the website is missing, but you can use the Contact form for further information.

About us page

OracleTipster was created by two famous Asian Handicaps Tipsters, however their names are kept confidential for security reasons. They say to have over 30 years of combined experience and have worked throughout the UK and Europe. The website was launched in 2011. The website was previously verified by topsportspick network and since February 2013 is verified by

Reader Usability
The design of the website provides a great reader usability and it makes it very easy for the user to navigate through the website and get to the desired page.

The user understands from a first visit what the website deals with and the url of the website makes it clear as well,


The financial aspect of the website is presented on the „Subscribe page”. There are two options you can pick from, each explained in detailed. You can pay with Moneybooker or through Paypal.

The fee isn't included on the Subscribe page, but if you pick one of the options you can see that for the Pay per game selection you have to pay $150 and if you pick the other option, 15 credits package, you have to pay $895. No mention of money guarantees. For more information on that you can send a message to them directly.

The daily tips are available at least 8 hours before the game kicks-off which gives the punter enough time to make a decision and place his bet.

Applications & Benefits

  • Daily tip will be ready at least 8 hours before the game kick-off

  • You can get the information on the email or phone message.

  • You have two payment options, one per game, one per package

  • OracleTipster is verified by





Bottom line!


  • Sense of unity

  • Everything is in place

About us page

  • created by two famous Asian Handicaps Tipsters

  • founded in 2011

  • verified in 2013 by VerifiedBets

Reader Usability

  • Easy navigation

  • Ads free

  • Fast loading speed


  • 2 payment options

  • Paypal or Moneybookers

  • $150 per game or $895 per 15 credits

Customer Support

  • Not mentioned

Applications & Benefits

  • Daily tip will be ready at least 8 hours before the game kick off

  • You can get the information on email or email.

  • You have two payment options, one per game, one per package

  • OracleTipster is verified by


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